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Options for unwanted pregnancies other than abortion

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When faced with unwanted pregnancies, many women feel overwhelmed and are desperate for a quick fix before thinking of other options. Casting no stone to any woman who decides to have an abortion, it is important for all women out there to learn about other options other than abortion which is often the most talked about option. Here are four most common options that can be explored in place of abortion:

  1. Consider parenting

Not all women are made to be mothers and that’s ok. But think about it for the sake of you and your child. While many women consider abortion because they feel they are not ready to be parents and their stained relationships with the baby’s father will only work to complicate parenting for them, one can think of the many single parents raising successful kids.

Should you decide to go ahead with this decision, develop a strong support system and factor in the financial costs that will come with raising a baby on your own.

  1. Temporary guardianship

Should one be unable to raise a child due to their current situation, be it attending college or a demanding job far away, this could be the best option especially since the situation may change in future.

One can consider having an arrangement with a family member to raise the child as you get your house in order.

  1. Giving up the child to a family member

Not unheard of, should a family member step in and offer to raise the child, consider it. As the mother, it gives some peace of mind knowing the child is being raised by a blood relative rather than a stranger.

  1. Adoption

Whether you choose to have it open or closed, this may be a better option than abortion. Although not easy, it takes a great deal of sacrifice and may be one of the hardest things you may have to do considering you gave birth to healthy baby.

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It is not rare for women to experience emotional pain of the loss of their child for years afterward. To get started you can seek further information from your doctor, approved adoption advocates or agencies.

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