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Home-style: Trends that did not make it to 2019

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The year that went brought us new trends to work with as we still hang onto the décor from it’s predecessors. As we get into the year, 2019, it is imperative to know what is in and what is out before you hit the stores for a decorating trip. If you wouldn’t wear bellbottoms in 2019, your home should be dressed to the times as well don’t you think?

Cool greys

Cool shades of grey, all 50 or more of them are out. Grey has dominated home interiors for a while now and it is time to welcome a new colour in your spaces.

Minimalist art

Scandinavian interiors have been the rage for a long time. Current decor is slowly pushing minimalist art out of the walls.

Eclectic mish mash

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The design trend that allowed us to hoard as much as we want and say we are eclectic is going out too. Eclectic trend is fading and paving way for other trends.

Accent walls

Walls in one bold colour are going out. Accent walls were a good thing still are but they are becoming less popular and going out in 2019.

Copper & rose gold furniture

Copper and rose gold furniture have been mass-produced to their deaths. These should remain in 2018.

High gloss and lacquer

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If it is a shiny piece of furniture then you definitely do not need it in 2019. High gloss and lacquered furniture were big six years ago but are now going out.

Macrame art

Macrame and DIY macrame art was not a hit per se but even the little that we had needs to go.

Cherry cabinetry

Cherry and more locally mahogany cabinetry needs to go. Redoing a kitchen is expensive in case you already have them in this wood tone. However, if you are building a new kitchen, cherry and mahogany are among the outdated cabinetry wood finishes to stay away from.

Mid-century madness

Mid-century modern has ruled the spaces for a long time. It is time to say goodbye to everything mid-century.

Shaggy rugs

These should have been out long before now but we are glad they are finally out. Shaggy rugs are plush and comfortable and make a room cozy but it is time to invite new kinds of rugs.

Trellis, ikat & tribal prints

These patterns were a rare find but now have become a uniform. Having ikat, trellis and tribal prints in 2019 will age your space as well as give it a less authentic feel.

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