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Ten local Instagram couples we cannot get enough of

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When it comes to celebrities, we have many shining in different fields in entertainment. From comedians, to show hosts and artists. The Kenyan celebrity world always has something to offer. While some of the popular people prefer to keep their private lives away from their fans, others share bits of theirs.

Being a celebrity in Kenya manes that your fans want to have an insight of what’s going on in your life, including relationships, love interests and even minute details like favourite foods. Local celebs know that and those who maintain a fan base via social media platforms try their best to show their daily lives through constant newsfeeds.

For some celebrities, fans get even better treats as they come in twos. Some of the couple celebrities who keep fans excited include;

Njugush and his wife Celestine

Comedian Timothy Kimani Ndegwa aka Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda have always quenched the thirst of their many followers with funny videos, some in which they include their young baby boy.

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Wahu and Nameless

This power couple has been going strong, for as long as before social media. Although they hardly post their lives online, the few times they do are enough for fans to keep following.

Size 8 and DJ Moh

Kenyan singer, songwriter and actress Linet Masiro Munyali aka Size 8 and her DJ husband Samwel Muraya aka DJ Moh joined the celeb couple in 2013 when they tied the knot. The two started going out when Size 8 ditched secular for gospel music.

Kabi Wa Jesus and Milly Wa Jesus

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Gospel singer and comedian Kabi wa Jesus and his entrepreneur film maker wife Milly wa Jesus have also gained popularity over the years. The couple, who wedded in December last year, has a huge following on Instagram.

Bahati and Diana

Award winning gospel singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua have such a huge following online such that they even started a reality show. The two have an active social media life, keeping their fans updated in almost all the happenings in their lives.

Maureen Waititu and Frank

Supermodel Maureen Waititu and her fitness expert husband Frankie ‘just gym it’ have always kept fans thrilled with their bold photos. The pictures of African themed maternity shoot in May were a trending topic for a while.

Erick Omondi and Chantal Grazioli

Popular comedian Erick Omondi and the love of his life Chantal Grazioli have also had a major fan base especially after they made their relationship public. To mark the 2018’s Valentine’s Day, Omondi gifted Grazioli a brand new BMW X6 to the awe of their many followers.

Willis Raburu and Mary Prude

Multitalented media personality Willis Raburu and his wife Mary Prude had their wedding a year ago and the two never shy away from keeping their fans posted.

Catherine Kamau and Phil

Actress Catherine Kamau and her director hubby Philip Karanja have always shown us relationship goasl ever since they got engaged and married in a colourful event in November 2017.

Akothee and Nelly Oaks

Singer Akothee's and her manager Nelly Oaks have always had something to show her many fans. The duo first made headlines when we saw their holiday photos together in 2017.

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