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Man finally gets 'perfect' birthday card for girlfriend but makes worst mistake possible

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A man who sent his girlfriend birthday cards late for two years thought he'd finally produced the 'perfect' card on Moonpig - and didn't even realise his crucial mistake.

Ryan Smith told girlfriend Laura McKay he had "made her a good one" this year and was excited for the card to be delivered.

But when it arrived, a gobsmacked Laura immediately noticed he had made the worst possible mistake - by getting her name wrong.

The card, which had a collage of lovely photographs of the couple on the front, read: "Make today amazing! Happy birthday Georgia".

Laura said: "Every year he books a night away somewhere and writes where we’re going in the card but the past two years he’s just told me where he’s booked because the card is always late.

"So the weekend before my birthday he’s banging on about this card and how much of a ‘good one’ it is this year.

"Don’t get me wrong, the pictures he’s picked are my favourite ones of us so I can see why he was excited to give me it.

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"So he hands me it in the same envelope that it got delivered to his house in – even though it comes with two as you’re meant to open it, CHECK IT and put it in a fresh envelope.

"Might I add when it got delivered to his house, his mum said to him maybe you should check it but he was adamant it was perfect."

Laura posted the amusing gaffe on Twitter - and she sounded a bit upset about it.

She wrote: "Right SO Ryan’s just came in with my birthday card (1 day late let me tell u) and he’s been concentrating so hard on the f***ing pictures the c**ts forgot to CHANGE the writing. Who the F*** is Georgia?"

To Laura's surprise, the tweet was shared thousands of times.

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But even though she got a bit sweary, she wasn't actually upset about the mistake - and even saw the funny side.

"He does try his best with absolutely everything but sometimes his lack of common sense gets in the way," she said.

"This is the most 'him' thing possible. He was so excited to give me the card and it was just so funny because he tried so hard. I couldn’t even be angry at him.

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