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Dating after 25: Important things to know

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Don’t assume you are in a relationship

After dating a guy for a while and things are great don’t assume you are in a relationship. Things could be good and you are ready to get serious but is he? Ask him what you are in a relationship or even if he is seeing other people. Keep in mind that just because you are dating does not translate to being in a serious relationship with the person.

Gifts are important

Receiving flowers and other gifts from a guy means he is thinking of you a lot. In a relationship you should be sure the guy cares and values you. This is evident when he makes sweet gestures here and there.

A man should not complete you

Your happiness does not lie in a man. True happiness comes from self-sufficiency. The ability to love someone else lies in your ability to love yourself. A man should not complete you, know yourself then let it be the foundation of any relationship.

The chase is fun, but only at first

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Playing hard to get in the beginning will help weed out the guys who are not serious. Anyone who is not seriously interested will not pursue you which will be good riddance. Whoever sticks around is the person you should consider dating because there interest in you is genuine. However, don’t overdo it and end up chasing away good men.

Space is always a good thing

Confidence is the most attractive quality in a woman. Women who can and prefer having some alone time are highly respected by men. Being able to do your own thing such as hanging out with your friends means you are not co-dependent which makes you desirable to most men.

The beginning reflects the end

Always observe how the man you are dating behaves in the beginning this always reflects how he will behave when in a relationship with you. If you notice any bad behavior such as being flaky don’t assume he will change when in a relationship with you. Don’t be with someone whose behavior is unpleasant towards you, you will end up frustrated and hurt.

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