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Tips to pick your kitchen hardware

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Kitchen cabinets come in various styles to suit different preferences. The unifying factor is that all cabinets will require hardware. Hardware in carpentry refers to handles, knobs, doors and drawer mechanisms. The hardware you choose for your kitchen and how you choose to lay it across will make or break the entire look. In today’s article, hardware refers to handles and knobs.


If you go for one style of handles, you can choose to lay all of them in one direction or to have them facing different directions based on the drawer or door orientation.

When drawer handles are facing the same direction, you can either choose to place them at the top of the drawer or in the middle. A drawer can have two small handles or one large handle.

Door handles look better at the bottom of a door or at the middle or top, parallel to the longer side of the door. Knobs on doors should always go on the top most part opposite the door hinges. Knobs on small drawers go in the middle.

Avoid using knobs on large drawers as the weight of the drawers overpowers a knob. Mixing directions and positions of handles tactfully is elemental in a good kitchen’s design.

Same metal

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If you choose to mix two types of handles, you can still stay within the same metal. For example, a mix of handles and knobs in the kitchen will still work seamlessly if the hardware is of the same metal. Brass handles with brass knobs and brass taps will set the tone for a cohesive kitchen.

One style 

When in doubt, select one style and metal finish for all your cabinet doors and drawers. One style of hardware is the best choice for contemporary and modern kitchens. Whichever hardware you select always remember that the less it costs the shorter it will last.

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