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How to always look expensive on a budget


Have you ever wondered how some women just look like money? They wear a simple white tee shirt with jeans and still look like they just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. It’s maddening, really. Here is how to look just like them but on a lean budget:

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  1. Simple make up

You don't really have to wear any make up but if you're going to, please keep it simple. For starters, make sure you find out what your skin type is so as to know the best type of make up to se. Second, know your exact skin colour, this will help you know e.g the foundation, concealer, powder to use and also the lipstic shades that will look best on your skin tone.

If you're not going to wear makeup ensure your skin is clear so exfoliate and moisturize regularly to make it smooth and healthy. Also make sure to moisturize your lips regularly.

  1. Have a style

You may have heard that style tells a lot about your personality, well...this is true. To have the right style you need to research which body type your body is. This way you will be able to know which styles look best for your body. You need to understand that not every outfit that is trending out there is meant for your body. So be wise...know yourself.

  1. Always groom your hair

Grooming your hair ranges from having a nice haircut to having it braided to just wearing a nice wig to tying a turban. Now again, research on which hair styles look best on your face shape. This way you will hardly find yourself having any bad hair days.

  1. Pointy shoes

Research has proved that pointy shoes look way classier than any other shoes. Pointy shoes don't classier than any other shoes. Pointy shoes don't necessarily have to have high heels, they just have to be pointy at the toes.

Make sure to have at least two pairs of pointy shoes that can go with multiple outfits. This way you will always have that versatile shoe that you can wear whenever you're in doubt.

  1. Nails always groomed

Having groomed nails will always elevate first impressions of you on other people. You don't need to have nail polish always, simply clean your nails with a brush, file them nicely and you're good to go.

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This way every handshake you make with that person you really want to impress will always count.


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