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90's hairstyles that are making a comeback

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The 90’s era remain a defining period having set the stage for many beauty and fashion trends today.

As chunky heels and culottes seep back into the fashion world, it is safe to say the 90’s are making their comeback.

Jumping into this bandwagon with both feet are celebrities like Cardi B, Teyanna Taylor and Dej Loaf whose throwback tendrils are causing a wave of nostalgia and we cannot hide the excitement.

For some inspiration to see how you can rock your hair like it’s the 90’s, read on.

  1. Full bangs

Playing the role of Ashley Banks in the 90’s sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Tatiana Ali wore full bangs and thanks to Azealia Banks she recently brought it back in the video for her new single ‘Anna Wintour.’

  1. Baby hairs

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While laid edges is nothing new, Chilli made it famous and Blackish actress Yara Shahidi has given it a fresh twist.

  1. Pixie cut

With loads of confidence Nia Long rocked this cut and it comes as no surprise this bold look recently became Teyana Taylors go to style.

  1. Finger waves

Channeling some Missy Elliot with her green colored finger waves, it is safe to say Missy’s wave is back.

  1. Twists

Always a hit with many women, after Dej Loaf mimicked Da Brat’s sectioned twists during Coachella it is official this style is back bigger, bolder.

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