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Paying the price for delivering three little angels? Mary Wanjiku’s moving story

Mary Wanjiku with her triplest [Courtesy]

Obviously unknown to many, Mary Wanjiku Nganga is one strong woman with a heart drenching story, a situation that many women would never want to be in.

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Her suffering and pain came as a result of a blessing. About 14 weeks ago, she delivered triplets at the Thika Level 5 hospital. Her husband visited her in hospital before leaving for home only to disappear for good, as she would later learn.

After being discharged and returning home with her babies, her husband was nowhere. He had removed all their belonging from the house save for Mary’s clothes and those of their elder son.

The husband has never come back since he left and Mary is now in dire need of help as her babies are lacking basic necessities.

Sharing Mary’s story on social media, Nancy Ndau revealed Mary’s nightmare, narrating how she has been forced to sleep on a bed without mattress as she struggles to raise her three babies. Not only did she loose her husband, Mary also lost her father while she was in maternity.

Nancy Ndau when she paid Mary a visit [Courtesy]

Pleading with well-wishers for help on behalf of Mary, Nancy added that the triplets are consuming a tin of Nan in only two days. A tin costs Sh1300. Baby diapers is also a nightmare for the young mother.

Mary is leaving in Kongo, Kahawa West. All willing to help in whichever way can reach her on 0726296226, or send contributios to Paybill number- 789290; account- Donations for Triplets.

Mary first made headlines when a local media house broadcasted her story.

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