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Seven celebrities who breastfed in public

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Breastfeeding in public is still a foreign concept for both men and women as it has been shunned in the past. As the times change, people are slowly coming to terms, breastfeeding mums getting the courage to breastfeed in public without a qualm and the men getting used to the life-giving act without seeing it otherwise.

Here are some of the celebrity mothers who fed their children in public encouraging other mothers to be confident about it.


feeding her son, Willow, backstage as she prepared for a fashion show.

2.Size 8:

years ago feeding her then infant daughter Ladasha Belle.

3.Pierra Makena:

happily breastfeeding her child at an event she was DJ’ing at.

4.Regina Katar:

She died a hero, after feeding her child Jamila better known as Gummy bear.

5.Janet Mbugua:  


has been spotted more than once feeding Blue.

7.Mara Martin:

a supermodel, recently walked down the runway with her baby on the boob.

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