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Six signs you could be suffering from depression unknowingly

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Going through the motions of life you will encounter high and low points.

When you hit bottom, it is not unusual to be met with ‘’Don’t give up,’’ ‘’Keep fighting,’’ ‘’Be strong,’’ or ‘’Everything will be ok,’’ from who care about you.

But what if bouncing back is not as easy as assumed?

When you suffer from a stress related experience such as losing a job or failing an important exam, you may suffer from situational depression which may take days or weeks to recover from. But when the symptoms persist and begin to interfere with your everyday activities and normal life cycle, you may have clinical or major depression.

Described as a black hole that one can’t come out of, below are warning signs you may be suffering from this condition that continues to puzzle even the best of doctors.

  1. Feelings of sadness

According to Healthline, major depression is a mood disorder that affects the way you feel about life in general. While feeling sad is a symptom of depression, you may find yourself crying for no obvious reason. Other feelings of hopelessness, dissatisfaction and feeling empty may creep in and at this point you may start feeling that nothing can get better. This will result in emotional outbursts that need to be checked.

  1. Change in sleeping habits

Once you start experiencing difficulty in falling asleep, staying asleep or even sleeping, you need to get help. This is one of the sure signs something is very wrong and it needs to be tackled.

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  1. Lack of concentration

People who have depression find it hard to focus on tasks before them, receiving instructions, comprehending what they’re reading and for some the ability to remember certain details.

  1. Irritability

Your level of tolerance is low and you feel everyone is getting on your nerves. What follows is agitation and anger prompted by internal or external factors. While depression affects both sexes differently, research shows that men with depression may indulge in escapist or risky behavior, substance abuse or misplaced anger.

  1. Appetite changes

Eating habits may change due to depression leading to too much eating as a way of compensating for the emotions or lacking an appetite and therefore eating very little or nothing. This will result in a dramatic weight gain or weight loss. Should you lose or add more than five percent of your total weight in a short span of time you need to be concerned.

  1. Fatigue

Feeling tired all the time is not unusual when you have depression. This is because rarely will your body get the rest it needs leading to a lack of energy. You will find that what you once loved doing is no longer a joy. One of the most debilitating symptoms of depression, this may lead to excessive sleeping.

  1. Suicidal thoughts

Having thoughts of giving up on life with the possibility of causing harm to your body should be taken very seriously. That route of escapism is dangerous and has led to thousands of deaths. Once such dark thoughts take home in your mind, you need to seek help immediately.

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