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Signs she is pissed even when she says she is fine

Girl Talk

Men and women communicate differently. When a man is angry, it easy to know because he will let the whole world know he is angry. With the women, the ball game changes.

They expect you to know they are angry even without telling you.

But if the relationship or marriage has lasted a while, it is easier to pick a few cues here and there hoping by now you’re attuned to your partner when she is angry. If you’re not exactly sure what the cause of her moody attitude may be, think back on the past few days and ask yourself if you did anything to upset her.

If nothing comes to mind, it could be something you did not do that is the problem. If you suspect she is peeved but aren’t sure, here are clear signs your partner is angry with you.

She doesn’t communicate

Women love keeping contact with those they care about. When things are good in your relationship, you will notice that she is the first one to reach out each day. If she hasn’t texted, called or reached out to you, she is mad at you.

Short responses

When she doesn’t want to talk to you she will respond to your questions with one-word phrases or lines. She doesn’t want to get into the details because she is mad at you. Therefore, expect short and cold answers.

She calls you by your name

Since the beginning of your relationship, given names have been replaced with pet names. When she is angry she will drop the ‘babe’ and call you by your name.

Less affectionate

Women are more affectionate than men and that’s why you would always find your girlfriend wanting to hold your hands, cuddle and make contact with you physically. If she is mad at you, you would notice that her touch would go missing.

She doesn’t laugh at your jokes

While in the past she may laugh at the lamest jokes you throw at her, she won't even let a smile slide. Even a compliment is met with a forced smile.

She doesn’t carry on with the conversation

Naturally women love to talk everything through no matter how major or small the issue is. If you’re suddenly the person keeping the conversation ball rolling, or suddenly you’re the one initiating the conversation, it means she doesn’t want to talk to you. She especially doesn’t want to talk to you for extended periods of time.

Takes long to respond

If she is taking an unusually long time to respond to your calls, emails and texts while you know she constantly checks her phone, it’s because she really has no intention of responding. But because she doesn’t want to be as inconsiderate as you’ve been in the past, she’s does it out of kindness. The reason she’s taking eons is because she’s spending the first few minutes biting her tongue and refraining herself from saying what’s really on her mind.

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