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Why you may be feeling pain during intimatacy with your partner

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Sex is meant to be exciting, thrilling and enjoyable for you and your partner. When it becomes painful and not pleasurable, then it can be a sign of a major issue like an infection and at times it can be due to some psychological issues. However, this pain is more common than most people think and most women can relate.

If it is your first time, chances are you will feel some pain at that point and thereafter as your vagina gets used to penetration. Good news is this pain in most cases is temporary and can easily be dealt with once the root cause has been established.

Here are some reasons you could be experiencing painful sex.

  1. You are not well lubricated

Even though your vagina is a self-lubricator you can still suffer dryness either due to lower estrogen levels, menopause or being nervous. This leads to friction and thus it will cause you to feel pain and discomfort. To avoid this, your partner should take his time to ensure you are well stimulated before penetration. The average woman needs 20-30 of foreplay before her body is ready for intercourse. You may also purchase a water based lubricator especially if you use condoms.

  1. Having ingrown hairs

When we shave or wax it sometimes leaves us with pimples which can be painful when there’s friction or some kind of force applied. Place some ice on the affected area to accelerate healing.

  1. You just gave birth

This can be very painful because the body has not gone back to its normal state hence the reason women are advised to wait for 6 weeks or longer depending on the birth procedure. Your vagina needs some time heal so refrain from any sexual activities until it fully recovers to avoid further damage.

  1. You have an STD or STI

Sexually transmitted diseases and infections such as yeast can cause one to experience painful sex as well as severe itchiness. If you suspect this could be the case, do not engage in any sexual intercourse until you get tested and treated. If you have a regular partner ensure they too are tested.

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  1. You haven’t had sex in a long time

Not having sex in a very long time can lead to a painful experience and it will take a while before getting used to it. This is because your vaginal muscles tighten.

  1. You are a virgin

For most women, the first sex experience is painful and uncomfortable. This is due to tearing of the uterine wall which leads to bleeding and it will take a while before you get used to it. So take your time and learn to enjoy. The pain will ease.

  1. Wrong position

There is nothing wrong with spicing up your sex life with new positions, sex toys, you name it. But when you start experiencing a sharp stabbing pain during sex it could be due to pressure applied on your ovary or the intestine. Stop immediately and choose a position that is suitable for both of you.

  1. Other health issues

Other than stress which can seriously lead to a dry spell, there are other gynecological conditions that may make sex less pleasurable. To determine the exact condition, consult a gynecologist. Some of the problems you may be suffering from include vaginismus which is a common condition caused by a spasm in the vaginal muscles out of fear of being hurt, fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory diseases etc.

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