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The dos and don'ts of visiting a new born baby

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Getting news that your friend or relative has gotten a new-born baby can be quite exciting. New-borns are delicate and even though you may want to pay a visit as soon as possible to congratulate the parent (s) it is important to hold back a little and consider the following unwritten rules for visiting a new-born:

1.  Plan your visit in advance, and don’t arrive unannounced- Every new mum is different.  Respect that timeline, whatever it may be, and simply ask if they’re ready for visitors. If not, check back a week later.

  2. Work around Mum’s schedule and keep time. New motherhood is a sleep deprived, exhausting, overwhelming time. If you’ve been given the green light on a specific time to visit, it’s important to remember that this is when mum and baby can accommodate you. Be punctual.

  3. Keep visits short and sweet, don’t stay too long. An hour is probably enough, unless mum begs you to stay longer.

 4. Bring some healthy bitings and drinks. As a new mum, it feels almost impossible to cater to your own needs so bring along a meal from her favourite takeout spot or better yet a home cooked meal.

  5. Hygiene comes first. Avoid wearing perfume it really affects a new-born. Wash your hands and ask before you pick up the baby. No matter how irresistible that baby is or how recently you washed your hands before your arrival, just clean up once you get to her house.

6. Don’t comment on the physical appearance of the mother – You are there to help and check in, not to be critical. Instead offer a helping hand and even give mum some time to take a nap or take a shower.

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  7. Don’t visit if you’re unwell and if you have to bring your kids ensure you’ve asked in advance.  You’ll probably enjoy your visit a lot more if you don’t bring your kids and can focus on Mum and baby. But if that’s not a possibility, ask in advance and ensure your kids are healthy and can follow simple instructions.



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