Evewoman : Ten daily habits you should adopt to improve your life


Add these simple habits in your routine and improve your quality of life

It is only in your hands changing your lifestyle to live longer and better. These new habits have to become your daily routine, do you sign up?

Add these simple habits in your daily life:

  1. An hour of exercise daily

Just an hour of daily exercise will keep you in perfect shape and keep your body healthy. No need of exhausted exercise, walking one hour in a moderate speed is enough. 

  1. Drink two liters of water

The habit of drinking 2 liters of water daily will purify toxins, keep you hydrated and help you have more vitality and energy.

  1. Three cups of black tea

Taking three cups of black tea per day will help you to control your weight, prevent diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, brain damage and stop cavities.

  1. Four pieces of fruits

Take at least 4 pieces of different fruits daily to keep your body hydrated, it also gives needed fiber to the body, they have a lot of vitamins (especially c vitamin), they have no fats and they help the correct functioning of the digestive system.

  1. Do five meals

Eating 5 times per day in moderate the quantity, will aid in control of blood glucose, helps to avoid eating what you don’t need, it improves the quality of what you eat,prevents your body from storing reserves and makes sure your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs.

  1. Listen to six songs that inspire you

Listening to music you like will relax you,increase your intellectual performance, make you happy, relieve you, reduce blood pressure complications and pain.

  1. Seven minutes laughing

When you laugh at least seven minutes per day you are preventing heart conditions, you become more open to people and improving social relationships and you exercise almost 400 muscles of your body.

  1. Sleep eight hours

Having a good and enough sleep is very important for our health. It increases our concentration skills, makes us look more attractive, improves our sexual life, increases or energy levels and makes us feel healthier.

  1. Read nine pages of a book

Reading nine pages of a book daily stimulates us mentally, reduces stress, teach us knowledge, vocabulary and new languages, helps opening our minds and understanding better things, improves our concentration and attention skills.

  1. Ten minutes of thought

Auto-reflecting 10 minutes daily will help you to learn from your mistakes, and to have good and positive ideas, taking right decisions, socialize better, a happier person and to understand and see different perspectives of things.

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