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These are unhygienic things ladies do secretly

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There is always a point in our lives that we have done something in secret. Those behaviors could be disgusting or gross that you cannot afford to tell your friend or lover because it could be embarrassing and he/she might judge you. But that should not be a problem because everyone has a dirty secret. Here are some of the dirty secret things women do and can’t admit:

  • Wearing same  bra for  as long as a week

A bra is an essential for every lady because they give the bust great support and prevents them from sagging.  Some ladies repeat their bras and there are individual reasons but it’s not right to because you are required to change the bra every-day for hygiene purposes.

  • Repeating inner-wears

An inner-wear should not be repeated for than a day due to the daily discharge produced. If one is repeating the same inner-wear with the discharge stains, it’s very easy to get infections around the pubic area and the vagina. Change your pant and replace the old ones.

  • Not washing your make-up brushes after usage

Poor make-up brush hygiene is very risky because it increases the chances of skin infections/conditions especially if it has been shared by many individuals. Learn to clean and sanitize your make-up brushes thoroughly after usage.

  • Wearing a pad for a longer period

There is nothing annoying like wearing a pad for a longer period than it’s supposed to.  Whether the flow is heavy or not, you are meant to change every three to four hours. Once it stays longer, it results to a bad odor, bacteria that grows in the blood and brings about complications. Save yourself that!

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