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6 things to factor in when dressing your child during the cold season

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As much as it may be cold, children still have energy to burn.

To children, it doesn’t matter whether it’s minus 10°C or 40°C, they still want and need to go out and play. Therefore, during this cold season we need to dress our children warmly to avoid them from falling ill and catching colds.

Let’s face it, you can’t lock them up in the house.

It is your duty to ensure the young ones are well covered by making sure you follow these simple suggestions of how to keep them warm.

  1. Ensure they have light clothes on the inside

You should make sure that your child has a vest, a t-shirt and a warm but not so heavy sweater to make their movement easier without being too hot. Add an insulated pair of trouser or two and light socks even though its two pairs.

  1. Mittens

As much as children hate to put on gloves, during this cold season you need to ensure you have a pair of gloves especially if they need to go out to school very early in the morning when it’s excessively cold. You can make them pick their favorite colors or patterns while making sure they are loose fitting gloves that won't restrain them from using their hands.

  1. Jackets

As much as children also hate putting on jackets, it can come in handy especially early morning and late evening when temperatures drop. Go for a wooly jacket that fits right. Not too big or small.

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  1. Hats

You can choose those cute hats that have ‘ears’. This will help cover their small ears as well as keep their heads warm. For the older kids, go for beanies.

  1. Get them turtle necks and stockings

For girls you can incorporate both and for boys you can do the turtle necks. This will ensure they stay warm all day and you can add a light jacket so they are not too hot.

  1. Boots et al

You can never go wrong with a pair of warm wooly boots. Not only will the kids be protected when stepping on paddles, they will enjoy wearing a pair because it offers better support than other shoes.

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