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Are you struggling to wean your baby?

 Are you struggling to wean your baby? (Photo: iStock)

Every parent looks forward to the various milestones that their baby will pass through. We look forward to their first smile or laugh, their first word and even their first step without falling over.

As they continue to grow and develop, each baby goes through a weaning process. This is when they move from breast milk or formula to other foods and liquids that increase their nutritional intake. For some parents, it's an easy transition, but for others, it's not so smooth.

It's normal to have some difficulties because it's a new and slightly scary experience for both you and your baby. Here are some things you can do to make it a better journey:

Research widely

These days you can get helpful information about any topic under the sun, on the internet. It's especially a breakthrough when it comes to parenting struggles because you get tips from other parents who have gone through the same challenges.

You will get guidance on how to manoeuvre different weaning stages, meal ideas to start with and other crucial tips you need to know.

Start with the basics

It's always best to start with simple meals so that your baby has time to get used to food and other liquids. This is also crucial because you don't want to trigger a reaction by introducing too many complicated foods at an early stage.

So, keep in mind that as much as you're seeing all these different interesting meal suggestions, you should keep it simple then expand your options gradually.

Be confident

Confidence is an underrated tip that makes a huge difference. There are many fears about transitioning to weaning like concerns about doing the wrong thing or the possibility of your baby having a bad allergic reaction-all those worries are valid.

However, many of those fears aren't your reality so you should start from a place of confidence. Trust that you are going to do a great job, also, keep up with your research to boost your confidence as you continue with this process.

Be patient with your baby

Your baby might not be too excited about trying something new and that is totally normal. They're weirded out by these new textures and tastes so they will probably resist during the first couple of tries.

It's essential that you be patient and not rush them to get used to it. Try and make it a fun experience for them and don't give up because with time they will start being more receptive.

Don't compare

Your expectations could also be causing a bigger struggle than what it actually is. You might have read somewhere how someone's baby transitioned through the different weaning stages immediately or even had a smoother experience with your other kids, then compare that to your baby who is adjusting a bit slower.

Babies are different so be patient and trust the process. If you're seeing major delays and concerns that you're worried about, consult a paediatrician.

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