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Six reasons why strong people are attracted to toxic people

Girl Talk

People who are mentally strong usually have amazing personalities but often fall victim to toxic people due to their kindness and compassion.

This is because their sunny demeanor tends to be a magnet for toxic people. Blessed with a sense of goodness, toxic people may be attracted to you solely for selfish reasons and this will leave you broken, used and hurt.

If you have ever wondered why you attract the low of the lows, good news is, it has nothing to do with your bad personality but quite the opposite. You are not at fault.

Read on to learn why toxic people have a tendency to gravitate towards the mentally strong and why the latter attracts them.

They are open book

Strong people are usually honest and don’t mind hiding their feelings or opinions from others. This attracts toxic people because honest people are easier to figure out and it makes it easier for them to be manipulated and become a target.

They are laid back

Mentally strong people know how to handle their emotions well by going with the flow of life. It is a great quality to have but it can attract toxic people who will use it to make them have a setback by manipulating them easily. Easy-going individuals are easily manipulated since they stay calm and don’t worry about things as much as someone else.

They are generous with their time

Strong people are usually good listeners and they often comfort others in their time of need. This makes them fall bait to toxic people who take advantage of kind and compassionate people because they believe they can get away with it. This is because mentally strong people will want to do anything that they can to solve their problems.

They are great listeners

Great listeners are hard to find and when you find one it is hard not to take advantage of them. Toxic people often take advantage of this by being the ones talking and being listened to and they do not reciprocate because they are not interested in what you say. They are good at dumping their emotional baggage on you and as usual it is always a one-sided conversation about them.

They love to build bridges

Mentally strong people long for long-term relationships therefore they go to the extent of making the other person feel good about themselves even though they don’t deserve it! This creates room for the toxic person to take advantage because they feel you need them so much.

You do not value yourself

Strong people often value the wellbeing of others more other than that of their own. This only leads them to attracting parasitic people who will take advantage because they know you value them much more than you do yourself.

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