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Tips to help you rock heels despite having sweaty heels

Fashion Tips
 Beautiful heels
Walking in heels is not rocket science, neither is it a walk in the park. Most times it is an art we muster, but even in the prowess and strutting, small issues like sweaty feet could be the difference between a great experience, versus a hate relationship with heels.

Often times, sweaty feet could be influenced by the weather, the wrong heel material and more factors, but here are a few tips on how to confidently wear your heels despite sweaty feet.


Pick heels with Breathable Textiles

When picking out your footwear, look for natural materials, most preferably leathers, as it is the most breathable and recommended textile for footwear. It is also your safest and most advised bet, as linings and insoles made out of man-made materials such as polyesters or plastics will for sure contribute to your feet sweating and will cause your feet to slide forward causing that slippery slope, messy discomfort.

To help prevent sweaty feet while in heels, in particular, look for suede leather in the insole area (from heel to toe box areas) and soft butter leathers in the lining areas.  This will help you feel more confident prancing around in your new heels!


Use a comfortable pair of feet liners/socks

 Feet liners

When picking your shoe liners or socks, steer away from synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polyester, or even acrylic as these man-made and lab-created fibres lock moisture in, thus increasing the heat and sweat inside your tights and liners.

 Instead, look for cotton fibres or even soft linen materials to adorn your pretty little feet.  These natural grown fibres are breathable and a much smarter solution to keeping your feet cool and dry.


Use a disinfectant often

In most cases, sweat (which is odourless), when mixed with bacteria (the kind your skin produces), creates foot odour.  For this matter, if your feet sweat while in heels, make sure to clean your heels and disinfect them with a bacterial disinfectant soon as you remove them so as to have them clean for the next use.  

This goes a long way into reducing the accumulation of bacteria in your heels and reducing the sweat odour levels.


Avoid stress filled heel days.

While physical activity such as running from one meeting into another can promote sweaty feet, increased stress levels are also a reason for an increase in foot sweat.  

For this matter, if you suffer from sweaty feet, try learning how to manage your stress in a healthy manner to help reduce these occurrences, or opt for a comfortable pair of shoes whenever you have a busy day.


Use sweat proof deodorants

We all hope for sweat free days because even the tiniest bit of moisture can cause ankle straps to slip and slide. To curb this, mist your feet ahead of time with spray that will serve to keep your feet moisture free for most of the day.

Bonus Tip:

 In case you experience heavy feet sweating, then you might be encountering Plantar Hyperhidrosis – a medical diagnosis for excessive sweating of the feet.  Consult with your doctor about your concerns, and if you qualify, they will determine a treatment plan to help you.

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