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Five effective ways to deal with unexpected menses

More often than not, women find themselves in awkward situations when mother nature checks in when least expected. Let’s face it, periods are annoying enough and its triple annoyance when they just come in announced, when you do not even have a pad or tampon.

Here are some handy tips that could save you some embarrassment and discomfort in case you get unexpected menses:

Always plan ahead:

Always have a pad/tampon. Make it an unwritten rule to always carry a pad or tampon even when you are sure you are not about to menstruate. Women are always having handbags but some don’t bother to sneak in a light tampon into the bags. Having a tampon could save your day or it could even save another woman’s day. You got nothing to lose anyway.

Dull outfits:

When you suspect that you monthly guest is around the corner, it is advisable to mostly clad in dull outfits. To be honest, dull outfits, as compared to bright ones will not show as much in case push comes to shove and you have a leak.

Invest in pant-liners:

Mostly, periods are usually very light on the first day. If yours is the case, then make pant-liners your best friend. They can help you get through the day. They are comfortable and they can save your pants a stain till you get to a proper tampon/pad.

Make a friend:

In case you are in school or work, make a period buddy. One who you can trust and count on in case you need help with controlling your menses. The reason why we all need a period buddy is, In case you soil your outfit, this friend will be willing to do anything to make you less embarrassed. Even offering their sweater for you to tie it around your waist.

Know your body and stay in tune with it:

This is not easy especially for women who experience irregular menses. A good starting point would be to start by keeping a period calendar that will help you predict when to expect your periods. Not only that, the calendar will also give you a better understanding of how regular your menses are. You can download the menses calendar from the App Store and always have it on your phone.


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