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These are the girlfriends every woman needs

Girls will forever be girls! Life cannot be ‘more’ complete without that one girlfriend you can share your secrets with, go for night outs, gossip, travel and many more. Ladies are known to be dramatic, emotional and petty at times, but that is what makes them interesting, amazing and satisfying to have around. Here are the types of girlfriends you need in your day to day life:

  • The College ride or die girlfriend- This is the type of girlfriend that you meet in first year. Both of you were freshmen and there was nobody you knew that could give you a heads up about school. You formed a bond and the friendship grew. You have experienced life lessons together, encouraged each other and done all the crazy stuff in campus. Years down the line and your friendship is still ‘fire’, you have surpassed all the ups and downs and are proud of how far you’ve come.This is the type of girlfriend that supports you fully with your dreams. She shares her achievements with you for inspiration, gossips on her new job and colleagues and introduce you to her other “friends”. She is a keeper!

  • The Cheerleader girlfriend- Anytime you meet your cheerleader girlfriend, it’s all about positive vibes, always happy and want the best for each other. Every woman needs this girlfriend because she will always lift you up when moody or feeling insecure about yourself. She is the type that will keep up with your social media posts, be the first to comment on your posts praising how stunning you look. She never forgets your special days including your birthday date, friendship anniversary and the likes.
  • The Always down girlfriend- This is the partner in crime girlfriend. She supports you in all you do. Anytime you need a plus one to an event, she is always down and ready. When you want to go for happy hour at your favorite club, she will be present. It’s always a fun time when with her. Despite not talking every-day, she will always check up, her replies are immediate. You want someone who always shows up for you, this is the girlfriend to keep.

  • The Co-worker girlfriend- A working institution appears to be a serious environment but that should not prevent you from mingling with people. The co-worker girlfriend adds some life to moments at work. She keeps you posted on all the gossip from work, motivates you to work hard and gives you the push to be better at what you do. She is the friend who’ll invite you for a drink after work because she understands the pressure you had during the day.
  • The Rock girlfriend- We all have moments when we have bad days and we need someone to listen to us. This is the girlfriend who will give you all their time, listen to your troubles, frustrations and above all understand your mood swings. She is the friend who will give you all the wise pieces of advice and help you out on your issues no matter the situation. This type of girlfriend knows your emotions and can tell you what to do before you make those hasty wrong decisions. She understands you deeply and boosts your emotional spirits.

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