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These are the trendy hairstyles that modern men need to try

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When you hear about protective hairstyles many get the idea it is only for women. More so women with natural hair. Wrong! Other than keeping hair protected from harsh elements, men’s protective hairstyles are an exceptional way to express their personality and experiment with their hair. With a few inches of hair everything is possible. The longer the hair the more the options.

For those men who love to grow hair, here are 10 protective hairstyles worth trying.


Lines going all back remain a forever classic hair style for men who don’t want to draw too much attention. Clean it up with shaved side burns.


Take a different approach with cornrows if you consider yourself a rebel. Be creative and shave off the sides to create a Mohawk.

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Box braids favor both men and women when in need of a hair break. If you don’t have the length all you need is a packet of braids and voila!


For a super easy style take two strands and twist for a timeless look.

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If you have long hair, don’t just give it a boring ponytail. Give it some character by shaving the sides and braiding the top part.


Other than serving a cultural statement for many black men and other races who have embraced it, dreadlocks will give you the chance to wear it differently whether long or short, with tapered cuts or colored, it is all up to you.


Prove you are royalty by wearing your braided hair like a crown. The focus is to braid the hair to look like a crown. Two or more braids are made on each side connected to the center.


Long dreads are not for everyone. If you fancy the look then go for short dreads with a tapered fade undercut as an alternative.


If you like to stand out there is no better way to do it than with colored braids with bold tones.


For something different, do a reverse braid instead. Braid the hair starting from the nape finishing it with a ponytail.


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