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Simple mistakes women make with their inner wears

Lady Speak


The inner wear is an essential for every lady and one needs to make sure they handle it well to avoid contracting infections and maybe embarrassments when changing because there is a tiny hole in the under wear or it’s faded. The inner garments are said to communicate about one’s hygiene. Some women don’t know how to take care of their inner wears because they have no idea. These are the common mistakes you could be making when handling your inner wear:

Purchasing the wrong fabric - There are two types of fabrics cotton and nylon which both have pros and cons but it is advised that the inner wear is best in cotton. This is specifically for the crotch area. This is because they are sanitary and comfortable. Wearing tight under-wears- This is a common mistake that women are guilty and it needs to stop. Ladies have the tendency of wearing tight inner wears and once they have their clothes on, you get to see the shape of their inner wear which is normally a turn off. Showing off their inner wear because the trouser is too tight/small- The inner wear is meant to be private and not for the public. We go wrong when it comes to wearing a tight trouser that does not fit at the waist and as you sit, the hem of the inner wear can be seen. Totally wrong! Taking time to replace the inner wear- Did you know that you are meant to replace your inner wears after every six months? The same way you have different types of shoes to alternate and let your feet breathe; this should be applied to the inner wear. Under-wears that are worn for a long time can bring about bacteria which is not healthy for your cookie jar. Wearing under-wears during the night at bed-time- Sleeping with no undies helps your cookie jar to feel fresh and free. This is advisable when in the hot season because when you are sweating a lot there is increase of moisture in your body and your cookie jar will be open to infections.

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