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Three tips on how to write emotional wedding vows


Wedding vows are normally personal and special words that unite a couple. They are indeed the best part of a wedding ceremony and it’s up to the couple to make it interesting and dare we say emotional. We also know that coming up with the vows is not easy, so we came up with a cheat sheet to make your work so much easier.


  • Take some cues from your partner’s favorite songs or quotes- there are so many beautiful love songs or poems that can give your man or woman goose-bumps when they hear them. Simply listen to the lyrics carefully and pick some lines that are relevant.

  • Flashback on your best memories- this is quite simple because both of you will be talking about the best dates, how you met, the first argument, the first night-out or any other special moments. This will make it interesting and you can try pop some hilarious moments, it does not need to be too serious.

  • Do a research on types of vows you would love to share- if you want to be creative on your wedding day, just research what other couples have done and get ideas. This is for those that feel ‘to have and hold are too common’. Romantic movies are a good place to start.

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