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These are weird questions that kids ask their folks that puts them in an awkward situation

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Kids are a blessing from the Lord and the whole 9-month process is a journey and a half. Women need to be respected a lot due to all they go through. It is very beautiful to watch your child mature and grow; at least it also hits you that soon you will be flawless in grey hair. As the kids grow, they really want to know ‘things’ due to their surroundings, what they have seen on the social media and the likes.

These are the common questions that kids ask their parents:

  • Where did I come from? - Most of you can relate to this and asked our parents. Of course who does not want to know where they came from? My parents said that they bought me in a supermarket! I had to wait till Class 6 Science to understand the whole concept. If you are a soon to be mother is ready for this question.

  • Why is mommy’s tummy big? – Your first born has to ask and know why your tummy is all round and you have to give him or her smart answer.

  • If they can marry daddy and get a kid like mommy- oh my! Children are so innocent, it hurts. Such a question you have to tell them it is so wrong and it is a sin. Tell them earlier, the better. Don’t wait till your daughter comes home and tells you she is seeing someone’s daddy because you will be sad.

  • Why are mommy and daddy sleeping in the same bedroom- you do not have to tell me the real reason, let them find out by themselves as they grow? Just tell them that there is only one bed or at times you can invite them y’all have a sleepover to stop having other thoughts.

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  • Why does shosho (grand-mother) look like that? - this at times could be hilarious. Our grand-parents could be really old that at times it can scare your little ones. I have a nephew who fears his grand-mother because he is very uncomfortable with it. Always make your child understand his/her grand-parents.


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