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Get tribal with your braids

Did you know your hair is 90% of your selfie?

Let’s take it back to the 90’s whereby we used to plait these protective hairstyles (mosodo, pushback lines, rastas, dabrat and zigzag) later they would be tied in an annoying itchy thick thread.  Who can relate to this? The likes of the beautiful vocal artist, Alicia Keys was one tribal braid fanatic back in 2000 and it was her signature hairstyle. Who knew years later that this is what would be trending?

If there is one current hairstyle you need to try out is; the tribal braids. They are dramatic, artistic and have some touch of Egyptian feel that makes you feel like an Egyptian goddess.  These braids can be plaited in many unique ways. It’s all about creativity and playing along with accessories like cuffs, African beads, ribbons, flower crown or you can make your own. Just how it always goes that fashion never fades but so does hairstyles.

The tribal braids can be plaited for the hot weather, when you want your head to turn a new leaf, a girlfriend’s wedding, a retreat and any other function that will suit the braids.


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