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Innocent things you do that could be making your breasts saggy

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  • No woman wants to have saggy breasts. We all want our twins to be perky and pointed. However, at times breast sagging is inevitable in cases like having a baby and breastfeeding.
  • Saggy breasts can also be genetic.

When we cannot control the inevitable, there are things that we should stop doing for us to minimize the chances of our boobs sagging.


Cigarette smoke worsens the blood circulation in your body. Substances from cigarettes reduce the breasts’ natural elasticity and amount of collagen that speeds up the aging process.

Sun exposure

Every woman should invest in a good sunscreen and always apply it on your cleavage and boobs before going out in the sun. This is because absorb as much heat as other parts of the body but they tend to get burnt faster. That is why it is advisable to protect your pair with sunscreen.


The wrong size of bra is a culprit when it comes to sagging breasts. It is there advisable for women to know their correct bra size as much as it is hard. Putting on ill-fitting bras makes your breasts to move a lot hence stressing the collagen.

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Sitting posture

Having a bad sitting posture especially if you are sitting for long hours pushes your breasts in to an unnatural position making them sag fast. You should adopt a straight and comfortable posture while sitting down to minimize the chances of your boobs sagging.

Intense workouts

Back and forth repetitive motions, like when jogging, can cause saggy breasts. You should therefore invest in a good sports bra that is comfortable if you intend to embark on an intense work out.

Crashing diets

It is important to maintain a proper nutrition as a balanced diet is crucial to the health of your breasts. Losing and gaining weight rapidly affects the sagging state of your boobs.


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