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Common things that go through your gynecologist’s mind

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  • One of the most uncomfortable visits to hospital has to be to the gynecologist. You cannot help but wonder what he or she is thinking while they poke down there and your urge to pee but too embarrassed to say until the appointment is over and you rush to the washroom.
  •  Whatever the case, too many women suffer from shame in silence as they reluctantly go for these scheduled visits.

Surprisingly, your gynecologist really cares most about the truth. To help out your mind at ease, here are five things you should know that gynecologist wants to tell you but really can’t. ESTHER MUCHENE

  1. You don’t have to shave

A day to the appointment, many women suffer the agony of shaving and even going for a full bikini wax just to ensure the downstairs region is well groomed. Truth is, they really don’t care whether you shave or not. There are more mundane matters he or she is concerned with to pay attention to that.

  1. Smell

Naturally you will be concerned and hope they won’t judge you by the smell of your vagina. Turns out the feet are closer to their noses and they are more worried about smelly feet than a smelling vagina which at most times will be ok.

  1. Don’t skip appointment because of periods

Turns out they have seen so much blood and your menstrual periods is a walk in the park. Keep your appointment and let them deal with the bloody situation.

  1. You will take number two while giving birth

One of the many things no one ever tells you until you are about to push the baby out is, you are probably going to make a bowel movement while pushing out the baby. It may sound embarrassing at face value but great thing is, doctors and nurses are used to it and could care less.

  1. No detail is TMI

When you’re in that hospital bed for whatever reason, nothing is TMI (Too much information). He or she wants to know everything that is going on down there. This revolves from any itch you may be experiencing, your sex life and birth control you are currently on. This makes their work much easier and you are likely to get proper diagnosis.

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