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Mum's 7 realistic tips for getting kids to sleep on Christmas Eve

Emily-Jame knows exactly what to expect on Christmas Eve

Social media may be awash with excited festive fans saying "X sleeps until Christmas", but there's one particular group of people who will be feeling very apprehensive come December 24.

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These people are parents of small children.

Small children who are bursting not only with excitement, but also with cunning ways of delaying bed time with various sly tactics.

To this end, there is a wealth of well-meaning advice out there, aimed at getting your little cherubs to sleep on Christmas Eve without resorting to slightly underhand methods.

With her frontline experience, Emily-Jane has put together a series of tips which may not be in the usual parenting guides, but which mums and dads everywhere will relate to.

1. Be routinely inconsistent...skip the bedtime routine.

Emily-Jane raises the valid point: "Even if you manage to get the kids in bed on time, do you really think they're going to stay there?"

2. Let them eat cake (and biscuits).

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Children definitely respond well to cake and biscuits, this is a fact.

3. Pour yourself a drink.

4. Bribe the b******s.

5. Pour yourself a drink.

6. Pour yourself another

7. And pour yourself another.


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Merry Christmas!

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