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Sure ways of melting a woman’s heart

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When it comes to emotional attachment, women take the trophy. Women are known to attach emotions to the most insignificant gesture. Therefore, warming a woman’s heart should not be a hard task. But just as a refresher, here are some sure ways of melting a woman’s heart:

Care for her family and friends

If you extend your attention and care to her inner circle, a woman will feel loved and appreciated. Always make a point of asking her how her family and friends are doing from time to time. It goes a long way.

Noticing the slightest change

It is true that men are not the keenest creatures on planet earth. But if you actually notice minor things like a change of hairstyle or a new pair of jeans and mention it to her, then definitely you touch her heart in a warm way.

Regular check-ups

Nothing melts a woman’s heart like the thought that someone is thinking about them even in their absence. Always make a point of calling her or sending her random texts just to let her know that you are thinking about her.

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Thank her for the smallest things

Even if you deserve it, always thank her for the slightest things she does for you like wiping your shoes for you or ironing your handkerchief for you. Once appreciated, a woman will feel significant and loved. She is bound to always do things for you with a passion.


Always assure your woman that you got her back no matter what. And mean it. This goes a long way in building her confidence and also in trusting you. Women need to be reminded from time to time they there is someone they can count on in the darkest hour.

Smile at/with her

Even when you are in a crowd and your eyes happen to rock, just give her a warm smile. This warms a woman’s heart instantly. She feels she have a friend with whom she can communicate with even non-verbally.


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If then you are looking forward to impressing or melting a woman’s heart, then this tips, among many others will come in handy for you.


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