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The Do's and Don’ts of Hiring a Domestic Manager


The crazy life of the working mom has created the rising demand for domestic managers. Let's face it –without these hardworking women, we moms would be lost. We need a responsible eye watching over the kids when we're held up at work, in a late meeting or running errands.

As a mom who has hired her fair share of domestic managers, I would like to share a few points to consider when going through the hiring process.

1. Boundaries.

Moms, do not assume that your domestic worker knows what boundaries exist in your home. You must make these boundaries clear from the beginning. For example, some employers prefer that the domestic worker leave the sitting room when the man of the house is at home. Other boundaries relate to dressing when at work, how to handle the children, etc. Note that boundaries are especially important if you are hiring a relative.  One other thing – don't turn boundary setting into an opportunity to set up a dictatorship. Be reasonable.


2. Educational Level

What are you currently worrying about?

Be clear as to what educational level you are looking for before you start searching. Do you want someone who can read, and help the kids with homework? Once you get someone with your desired educational level, do not assume that she will know what to do. You will still have to give her clear instructions.

After a while, encourage your employee to think about her future. Get her thinking about school, or learning a skill. Teach her how to set goals. When you bring up this discussion, though, don't push your ideas forward. Let her make her own decision. 

3. Interaction with the children

Why do you need a domestic manager? To take care of your babies, right? Well, you need to make sure that whoever you hire loves taking care of your kids. The best way to know if a potential employee will manage your children well is to let her meet them and see their reaction. If you get a candidate like one woman who I asked to watch my baby for an hour, and she retorted, "That's not my job," move on to the next one.

Moms, when you do get that domestic manager who loves the kids like her own, don't turn her into their mom. Get home early and spend time with the kids so that she can have a break. Also, let her know that she's doing a great job, and reward her for it!

4. Expectations

Both you and your prospective employee have expectations about the job. Explain to her exactly what the job entails and what you expect. Let her tell you about her previous job experiences, and what she expects from you.

Make sure you agree on the salary, working hours, duties, time off and leave. If you need to modify any part of your agreement, let her know. Don't wake up one day, for example, and decide she can't have the day off. Communicate regularly and efficiently with her, and you will have a happy employee.

You are all set to hire your next domestic manager.

All the best!

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