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Women deserve to be celebrated, always.

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I hated being pregnant...from the nauseous mornings to feeling like my body wasn’t mine anymore. I appreciated the beautiful gift of motherhood alright, but I just wished the human gestation period was three months instead of 10 (yes, they lied to us?in biology class when they said pregnancy lasts only nine months). The end product was magical though - tiny bundles of wondrous joy that I didn’t get to hold before many tortuous hours dotted with some fainting bouts and thoughts of looming death. I shudder whenever I ash back. Every time I come across a pregnant woman, I am filled with awe and respect. Motherhood changes you. Your focus changes, your body changes forever, your attitude gets an adjustment and you discover strength that you didn’t think you had. And every time I open the newspapers or tune into the news and see stories of women dying during childbirth, it truly saddens me. That woman could easily be you, your wife or mother. I am indeed looking forward to the days when our maternal death rate will be negligible.

Mother’s Day was only last weekend and it is the only day in the year set aside to celebrate those special women in our lives and to appreciate the risks they take in the quest for parenthood. But, it goes without saying that these women deserve to be celebrated every day of the year.

Tell the special woman in your life how much you appreciate all the sacrifices she has made for you and the family. Write her a beautiful letter and let her know her place in your world. A letter that she will treasure for ages, and pull out in the tough times. 

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