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Simple make-up tips for expectant mothers

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Congratulations. I know your doctor already told you that but take it again from me. You are bringing another life into being and you should be elated. You probably also feel unattractive. This will cause you to instinctively want to alter your appearance and the first organ you will attack is the skin. Before that, can we talk?


The urge to try out creams and experiment with comfortable hairstyles at this time is growing within you. However, you have to remember that you are going through a hormonal shift so the best thing is to wait it out. Don't fight the natural process; you won’t like it if it fights back. The skin includes your scalp. Don't colour hair in the first trimester!

Vitamin A. 

Yes it's good for fetal development in several aspects but it could also cause face and palate malformation. Don't throw out your carrots yet, I am talking about the industrial amounts that are present in most anti-aging creams.


It's a chemical found in hair spray, nail polish and lipstick. This, when absorbed in colossal amounts, is linked to lower IQ and future respiratory ailments in the fetus.

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This is the darkening of your skin but in patches. Could be the neck or the belly or the face. It is caused by overactive pigment production. It goes away with time so just sit it out. Wear sunscreen to avoid further darkening from the sun.


Your skin needs it the most for easier elasticity. Cocoa butter is known as the best moisturizer but you know what would be better? Raw Shea butter. Smooth it over your belly twice daily; it also reduces chances of stretchmarks.


Go for the mineral range in every brand. These are made for sensitive skin and at this moment, your skin is.


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Skin care.

Change everything to suit your new skin type. If you are oily but pregnancy has made your skin dry, you can buy products for dry skin. Just enough to take you through the nine months.

Cosmetic surgeries. 

Please don't get a nose job, tattoo or piercing before several consultations with your doctor. You do not want your body to react negatively to it.

That said, enjoy this journey and do a baby bump shoot. Please invite us to the baby shower.

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