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How to stop your hair from breaking off

You may be in the habit of having your hair styled differently every day. In the process, you may be exposing it to a lot of heat and chemicals.

From feedback I have received from readers of this column, hair breakage is a common problem affecting many women. I know how frustrating it can be to put so much effort with no results.
I can, therefore, understand the frustration you are going through when your hair does not seem to grow, worse still, it is getting shorter by the day.

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The truth is that your hair is growing since there are new roots sprouting but where does it go? There are a number of reasons this is happening.

Trimming:  All hair has a maximum of length it can reach and this the time one starts developing split ends instead of growing and remaining strong and healthy. If you have not been trimming the ends, then it is a high time you began. Ensure your hairdresser uses thermal protection products and thermal tools when exposing your hair to a lot heat. Also, ask your hairdresser to advise you on the right kind of conditioner and shampoo for your hair type. Your hair could have reached a plateau and nothing is bound to change unless you make certain changes.

Genetics: Your family hair history could also be a factor. Some people have a hair growth cycle growth phase and when the hair gets to a certain length, it stops growing. This is the maximum length that hair could possibly reach without being cut or damaged. The growth cycle is largely determined by genetics.

Breakage: Your hair may have reached its maximum growth length; the more reason it just cuts whenever you comb it. The more you comb it, the more it falls off and the shorter it becomes. The way you scrub your hair when washing, how you brush it, style it and even dye it could lead to split ends and hair breakage. Be gentle with the way you handle your hair.

If you use uncovered rubber bands to hold your hair, or brush it so often, it is likely to become brittle and dry, leading to breakage. Hair grows at about half an inch per month; if the rate at which it is falling is higher than this, then it is bound to get shorter and shorter.

Medical attention: You may also consider seeing a doctor. Other factors like general health issues, hormonal disorders, allergies, among other factors could be contributing to your problem. Depending on one's age, there could be many changes taking place in your body, some of which are likely to affect its growth.

Diet: Every girl wants to look slim and pretty. Are you eating right? I would recommend that your diet has enough vitamins. Ensure you get enough levels of zinc and vitamin B12 for you to maintain hair length that you so much desire. Iron and proteins are also a necessity for your hair to stay strong and prevent breakage. Have your doctor also check on your thyroid.  Is it under-performing or outperforming itself? This can also retard hair growth.

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Scalp skin: Is your scalp healthy; if not then this too, can cause inflammation, which makes it difficult for hair to grow. Dandruff, psoriasis and fungal infections like ring-worms can also lead to loss of hair.

Hair routine: You may be in the habit of having your hair styled differently every day. In the process, you may be exposing it to a lot of heat and chemicals. This ought to decrease. The situation could be made worse if you have coloured your hair. Go easy on the dryer and flat iron too.

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