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Her flirtatious behavior drives me crazy!

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Dear Roxanne,

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I have a problem with my girlfriend’s flirtatious nature. She flirts with everyone she comes across and it is honestly driving me crazy. We can’t walk down the street without people stopping her and striking a conversation with her. She gets touchy and starts giggling and it is really bothering me. I don’t think she would ever cheat on me, but I can’t stand it when she is exchanging glances with other men even in my presence. When I confront her about it, she says she doesn’t do it on purpose and that that is just the way she is. She even flirts with my really close friends. I can’t leave her because I love her too much and I know she loves me. What should I do? Jackson.

Flirting is an instinctive form of human expression. When we flirt, we feel a little more confident and desirable. Some people are just naturally extroverted and hence crave attention and admiration from other people.

However, there is thin between being friendly and flirting. For someone in an exclusive relationship, what may seem like harmless friendliness may come across as blatant disrespect to their partner.

You need to be clear on where to draw the line with others. You have to broach the subject in a way that won’t make you come across as extremely possessive and jealous. If she is consciously flirting with other guys in your presence, it could be because she is feeling that she is not getting enough attention from you.

If you start flirting with her and giving her the attention that she seeks, she will not see the need to look for it elsewhere. I hope it all works out for you.

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