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8 Simple ways on how to restore damaged hair

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It is difficult to completely avoid hair damage. You can tell your hair is damaged by running a strand through your fingers; if it runs smoothly, then it is fairly healthy. If it, however, feels prickly and rough, it is damaged.

Here are simple ways to avoid damaging your hair:


Some people do not chemicalise their hair with the assumption that the chemicals will destroy it. But natural hair can also be damaged.

•To control this, regularly condition and treat it like you would chemicalised hair.

• After washing your hair, do not pull it into a pony tail. Be gentle when you comb and use mild shampoo and conditioner.

• Always avoid spiky, heated rollers, metallic combs and plastic hair brushes.

•   Never use bare rubber band to hold your hair; ensure it is covered in cloth.

• Use blow dryers and curling irons sparingly and even as you do it, ensure your hair is coated with a heat protecting product.

•   Wear a hat if you consistently stay under the sun or wear a swimming cap if you want to swim. Avoid staying in an air conditioned room for long as it can also damage your hair. Use moisture-locking hair products regularly.


• Chemicalised hair is damaged by incorrect or frequent use of hair bleach and straightening chemicals. Over-exposing hair to chemicals leads to portions of the shaft breaking down and becoming soft, leaving it tangle-prone.

• To control the damage, space out any hair processing with an eight to ten week gap. Remember to always use a professional hairdresser to color or perm your hair but always remember to give it a chemical-break once in a while.

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