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Awaken sleeping hair with honey

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Honey is sweet; those who want to live healthy use it in their tea. Interestingly, we can also use it on our hair to hasten growth and improve its health. In other words, it is a healthy hair food.

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 For those with dry and damaged hair, honey comes in handy to boost the shine. It is a natural humectants that attracts moisture to the hair. It also has antioxidants and nutrients that nurture the hair follicles.

Raw honey is the best as all the vitamins and other nutrients are preserved. Its wax-like consistency also ensures moisture is locked into the hair.

Mask recipe:

Mix ¼ cup of raw honey with water. Ensure it gets thin enough to spread on your hair. Add it to your hair using tablespoon measurements. Apply it to damp hair the way you would ordinarily apply shampoo. Spread it evenly across your entire head.

Allow it to settle for half an hour. Rinse your hair with warm water. If you are short of time for this process, just add a few drops of raw honey into your conditioner and apply as you ordinarily would. Sit back and watch your hair blossom in no time.

Since it stimulates hair growth, honey is a good treatment for those who suffer from hair loss. Mixing raw honey with cinnamon and olive oil will make for a great treatment for hair loss. Other than offering the growth, honey will also soften your hair. Here is the recipe:

1. Pour one and a half cup of olive oil and heat it in a microwave until it is warm. If you don’t have a microwave, you can use any other means to warm the oil. Olive oil is good as it controls dandruff, softens hair and gives it a shine.

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2. To the mixture, add two tablespoons of cinnamon, an egg and two tablespoons of honey. The oil should not be too hot, or else your egg may start cooking. The eggs help in strengthening your strands.

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