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Tips to keep your bathroom clean

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Simple trick to having a spotless bathroom is in coosing the right cleaning product. For instance, 

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i.)Next time you are having a headache over the less-than-sparkly chrome taps in your bathroom, rub them with flour. Rinse the flour off and buff them with a soft cloth.

ii.) Use white vinegar, for use on those tough, hard-to-shift stains; its disinfectant properties make it an amazing all-round cleaner. Blitz bath stains with a 1:5 solution of white vinegar and water.

iii.) Unclog showerheads by first dismantling them and then soaking them for 20 minutes in vinegar.

iv.) Before cleaning bathroom tiles, run the shower on hot for five minutes to steam dirt loose. Clean grout with a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice. Lemon juice is a natural lightener and baking soda is a natural scourer and odor absorber.

v.) Use baking soda and a gentle scouring pad on tough stains. If tiles are very greasy use lemon juice or vinegar — nature’s degreasers!

vi.) Clean bathroom appliances with a micro-fibre cloth to prevent residue being left on them. Remove sink lime scale by leaving flat cola to sit in the sink for an hour a week. Shine your stainless steel sink with olive oil on a soft cloth. Shine your stainless steel taps by rubbing them with a cut lemon.

vii.) Remove hard water deposits from taps by leaving vinegar-soaked paper towels attached to the taps overnight.

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viii.) Remove hard water marks by pouring a can of fizzy cola down the toilet bowl; leave it for an hour, then flush. And finally, after all that hard cleaning, it’s time for a glass of white wine — but not for you, for your glass shower doors, to rid them of stains and limescale.

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