Evewoman : Mister, pay the dinner bill or forget about me

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Mister, pay the dinner bill or forget about me

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Men, men, men! Who bewitched you? Just like the foolish Galatinas, I am sure someone somewhere must have used the 'torch and knife' theory to finish your reasoning.

As if you asking for money from women is not enough, some of you have resorted to asking for dates from women and expecting them to foot the bills. Excuse me Mr Torch Is Dimming, if you want to ask a lady out on a date, settle any bills that come with it. I mean ANY!

From the transport she will use to and from your meeting venue to the airtime she will use to call you to announce her arrival at the venue. That is apart from paying for whatever she will decide to eat, drink or carry during your date. It's you who asked for the date remember?

You men who call and ask for a date then don't bother to know your date will show up or leave the date venue are the most annoying lot since the evolution of man. Or do you think a helicopter will show up and like the Kenyan version of James Bond lift us from the ground and drop us at the venue?

My friend, time is money! If I am going to spend mine, you better spend yours and spend it well since you asked for the date. I do not care how I get to the venue so long as I do not dig into my pocket. If you cannot come to pick and drop me later, then at least facilitate my movement!

You women should also stop giving these men a clear runway to land wherever and whenever. Even the Holy Book says men shall toil and sweat to make ends meet. Who are you to facilitate a meeting that you did not call for? If he is not funding everything to do with the meeting, as my friends from the central region would say, tell him "Thie ukiumaga". There is no way in this era and economy a man would expect unnecessary sacrifices made by women to him.

Women, do not let the fact that there are more women than men in the country to blind you to thinking that if you do not set your standards you will die single. There is someone for everyone and if God says you will die single, not even funding all your dates will make you get married...at least not for long.

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We should let these men toil and sweat on their own as the Holy Book says because there is no day they will come and help us bear the pain we undergo during childbirth. The only thing they do as we scream in the maternity ward is pace up and down hoping baby arrives safely with no complications. The same way, the best we can do is pace up and down while fully dressed for the date wondering whether they would arrive safe and with no complications.

If they fail to arrive, well and good, wipe the make-up off your face, slip your sexy body out of that fitting dress and pour it into your baggy pajamas; lie facing up on the couch, take the remote and treat yourself to some series... or better still, grab last week's copy of Eve Woman and re-read what I will assume you read last weekend because reading the magazine once is never enough. Do not, I repeat, do not get desperate and facilitate your own movement to a date you were invited to.

As I sit here complaining about men in this generation, I cannot help but realise that it is we women who are offering them the silver platter. Why do we imagine that we can change men after falling in love with them? If he cannot provide for you as an individual, what makes you think he will provide for you and your children once you start a family?

Unfortunately as it may sound, I even have some female friends who have become sole breadwinners in their households as their husbands move from one beer joint to another like a marabou stork looking for a tree to perch on. Beautiful lady, if you do not tame him now, do not cry foul later. Deal with your adult baby on your own.

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