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Team Mafisi, please kill that greed


Human beings are just a funny lot, only God understands us. We are always eager to try out what we lack but afraid to utilise what we have. Why on earth are Kenyan men suddenly hyping themselves to shift their base to Eritrea? Well, don't even give me an answer already because I just don't get it.

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These are the same men who back at home fear commitment like plague whenever they are in a relationship. Yes, they never get into it for marriage but for experimental values, at least most of them do. Now the same men who dread committing themselves to one woman are all hyped thinking they can manage two women in Eritrea! Hold your horses misters, you can't! Not in this life and not in the next.

This very same generation of men who are making merry about Eritrea have holes in their pockets. Yes, the only thing they can afford without making a frown is breathing in and out when playing 'football' both on and off the pitch. They dread providing for their scattered families and suck their 'sponsors' dry. Yes, they dwell on sponsors.

They depend on hard working women to makes their scattered ends meet. I say scattered because as it is, they have like confused farmers scattered their seeds even to lands they have not bought as long as it's fertile. They then sit and watch from a distance to see if the land bears any fruit after which they walk a boss.

So now my dear brothers, what makes you think you will sleep in a foreign land when you can't even doze in your own land? Don't make me laugh in the face of danger.

Before you jump into a market to compete with the sellers there, make sure you do a market survey and do it well. From the hype you all have, whether real or not, it is evident you have not even tried doing a market survey. Do not rush there with your raw mangoes my brothers, those women deal with very ripe mangoes, those that are ready to be blended into sweet fresh juice.

So now you want to leave us and rush to Eritrea? Who are you leaving us with? Have we ever threatened to leave you? Not even our friends whom you have branded 'fossils' can make us think about leaving you and relocating. When the deal is too good, think ten times because twice is obviously too little a number for you.

If they can arrest you for failing to marry two wives if at all it's true, imagine what they would do to you If you married even one and treated them like you treat us!! My friend, Prison break is just a series, don't think it's as easy as Michael Scofield puts it, I repeat, Prison break is just a series.

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To all our beautiful fellow women within the boundaries of Eritrea, this is all I can tell you, "If a monkey cannot climb it, a gorilla CANNOT."

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