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Ten ways to utilize small space in your house

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Dreaming big in small space

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Majority of urban Kenyans live in small homes. I know of people who assume that because they live in small houses, they cannot dream big in matters interior décor. May I say that your dreams are valid? Your house may not be as big but I can assure you it can look more beautiful than the palatial homes you admire.

Do not get depressed by the lack of sufficient space in your home. There are creative ways in which you can 'upsize' your house without your guests noticing the space deficit. Here's how to keep it cosy and intimate.
• Layering: Adopt a 'more is more' attitude by layering your space. Stacking tables that nest under each other is a good example. If you have an ottoman, partially slip it under a coffee table. It will serve as a coffee table and also offer extra seating space. Layering will also offer interest to your eyes.
• Antique: Decorate with vintage furniture as they tend to be smaller in size. Sofas of 20 years back or so, are smaller compared to the massive ones people have in their homes today.
• Plain pieces: Ensure that any large pieces in your room are plain, not patterned. This will offer a serene backdrop that is fun to accessorise and liven up the space. It will also make the room look less busy.
• Flooring: Any flooring should be plain. If you can, get a plain 'wall to wall' carpet. Using a small patterned area rug will only make the space look smaller. The floor would be better being the same colour all through.
• Add length: Make your room look taller by extending the height of your windows. Simply mount the curtain box or rod where the wall meets the ceiling and you have a larger window.
• Artwork: Hang these in such a way that they draw the eye upward. Stack them on top of each other placing them higher than usual, and your guests will have more to take in.
• Bookshelf: Arrange items on your bookshelf in an artistic manner. Be artistic and arrange the books by colour if your collection of books is big. This will make the books become alive and add some colour to your space.
• Furniture arrangement: Avoid blocking views of windows and doors as this will create a crowded atmosphere. Give allowance for walkways too.
• Clutter: Avoid overcrowding the room. Get rid of anything you don't need any more.
• Mirrors: They are the best if you want your small room to look larger. They also reflect light; so ensure your mirror faces light or a light coloured wall.
Let in the light: Avoid heavy curtains so that there is sufficient light getting into the room. Adding recessed lighting, if you can afford, will offer more light.

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