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Dough Dispenser

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If you want to keep a consistent size for your pancakes and other baked goods with the ease of the trained eye of a professional chef, you can with this dough dispenser. The dispenser has a measuring label allowing you to neatly deposit the perfect amount of batter resulting in consistently sized baked goods that will bake evenly. It features a quick close valve that does not leak or drip, leaving your hands and kitchen clean, and making it safe to use by little kids. The valve's ¾ inch width, offers you the versatility to use your imagination and be in control of your mixes allowing for all types of mixes to slide through the dispensing valve - waffles, chunky muffin mix, donuts, crepes, cake mix, small chocolate chips, oatmeal or even pizza sauce. The dispenser can hold a 4-cup capacity. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and included in the package is a Cupcakes & Pancakes Recipes Book. It is made entirely of high quality durable plastic and costs Sh1500.

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