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Decorating with him in mind

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Some frustration comes when it’s time to decorate the home.

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Few men will entertain an overly feminine space and no woman is comfortable in a masculine space.

So, what do you do? Women find it difficult to let go of their natural lean towards feminine feel in their homes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to fight with your partner over whose design aesthetic should dictate your home décor; it’s easy to create a balanced space comfortable and stylish for both of you. Here is how:

Shop together: Money is the source of friction in many relationships. The two of you must agree on a budget that you are comfortable with. When you shop for your décor pieces together, you are likely to make level-headed decisions about what to buy.

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Right colour scheme: Balancing the colour scheme is important; otherwise you might end up with a rainbow of a house. Go for neutral wall colours like cream, soft grey or light brown then paint the trim white for a crisp foundation.

Add your other favourite colours (for both) in the furniture and accessories. Do not, however, clutter your room with too many colours; stick to two or three at most.

Furniture: The ideal is comfortable but not elaborately decorated furniture. Go for pieces that are streamlined and appeal to both of you.

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Fabrics: Your house becomes a home when you choose the right fabric. If using patterned fabric, go for neutral patterns that do not lean towards one gender. Large floral patterns are too feminine while traditional plaids are masculine.

Stripes or any other geometric design would be more neutral. If, for example, your couch is plaid, add some beautiful throw pillows so that each of the parties feel represented.

Curtains: Keep them simple; a streamlined curtain is more gender neutral than an overly decorated one.

Accessories: Each of you should choose accessories they fancy, but not overly gender-biased, to be placed in cabinets, mantels etc.

This way, the home says you both belong. Vary the shapes, textures and styles of the decorative pieces. However, with that said, avoid over-the-top feminine and masculine items. Remember, it’s all about balance.

Compromise: Because of differences in opinions, each one of you must be willing to bend some rules. Be open so that you find the best aspects of your varying tastes to create a look that is cohesive and reflects your uniqueness as a couple.

If he is in love with an antique rocking chair that you don’t love, do not get rid of it, make it appealing to you by having it covered in floral fabric; it’s a win-win situation.

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