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How mustard oil can make you more beautiful

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Many people have heard of mustard, but not many know of mustard oil. It is one of those less known oils which has a lot to offer when it comes to beauty and skincare. In some cultures it is used on the bride and groom before the wedding to give them glowing skin. It is very affordable and easily available in health food shops. Here are different ways you can incorporate this oil into your beauty routine.

1. Cleansing
Mustard oil is excellent for the oil cleansing method. When the oil is massaged on the face, it is quickly absorbed into the skin. It raises the body temperature of the massaged area, thereby releasing toxins from the skin. Use a hot towel to wipe of the oil thereby cleansing the skin naturally.

2. Chapped lips
Dab mustard oil on your lips any time of the day or last thing at night. The thick vegetable oil can heal chapped lips and is safer than packaged lip balms. You can use this on your little girls to prevent them from ingesting chemicals in packaged lip balms or glosses. An old remedy says that sleeping with a drop or two of mustard oil on your naval will give you baby soft lips.

3. Natural sunscreen
Mustard oil has high levels of vitamin E which help to protect the skin from harsh ultraviolet rays and other pollutants.

4. Complexion
When applied to the skin, this oil gives you a glow. It’s not a greasy shine that comes with most oils, rather, it increases your skin’s vibrancy. Mix with coconut oil for a rich face cream. If you’re not comfortable using an oil on your face, massage it into your skin and wash or wipe off after five-ten minutes. To remove any dark spots or suntan, make a mask of mustard oil, a little gram flour, one spoon of natural yoghurt, and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply and rinse off with cold water after 15 minutes.

5. Massage
The next time you have a massage, use this oil to stimulate blood circulation in your body, as it increases blood flow to wherever it is applied. This results in smooth, glowing skin. The oil also contains selenium which is good for relieving joint and skin inflammation.

6. Mustard oil for rashes, inflammation, infections, and dry skin.

It has natural anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore you can apply it wherever you have problem with skin. It inhibits fungal growth and unwanted bacteria thereby treating rashes and skin infections, by preventing dullness, dryness, and itching.

It is advisable to do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic or sensitive to the oil. When buying mustard oil, ensure that you buy the “cooking” oil rather than the essential oil.

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