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Seven signs that tell you he is the one


By Wesley Kipng'enoh   (@Wess_Kipp)

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When one of our readers talked to us, she was worried. Her concern- She wasn’t sure her boyfriend was the one. “How do I know he is the one?” she inquired.

Her worry is legitimate: It is becoming more difficult to know if your man is really the one, or not.

Its important to know, otherwise your commitment to the relationship may turn out to be useless. Forgive my brutality, but once you are past some age as a lady, it becomes highly paramount to date a guy whom you see a future with.

Check out if you are in a relationship with the right man or if he is simply having fun with your life.


1. Survived a long-distance relationship.

If at one point you made it through a long distance relationship successfully, then it means you two are patient with each other. Long distance relationships are difficult and making it through one, simply means you can overcome a lot together in future.

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2. He tells people about you.

He is your number one fan, and whenever you do something, he’ll brag to his friends about it . It doesn’t matter what it is: It could range from some crazy stuff you might have said last night to getting a promotion in the office. It simply means he is not afraid or embarrassed in that matter, to have you in his life.

3. The sacrifices that he makes

If he has ever forfeited to watch a match with his boys so he can stay around with you, he is the one. He doesn’t need to do it over and over again, but if he has ever done that whatever the circumstances, it’s a sign. In most cases, most men cannot substitute anything to watching a football with his boys.

If you too feels okay to make a few sacrifices here and there along the way, it means your instincts are on his side.

4. He lets you whine.

Ladies, by all means and aspects are expressive about their feelings(thats why they live longer than men!). You for one, will not shut up about the evil lady in the office who is busy frustrating you.  If he listens to all the venting, and comforts you about it, consider him yours. Very few can stand all the vents and whines-they would rather walk out and come back later when you are asleep or glued to your favourite soap.

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5. He compliments you out of the blues

Your hair looks like you just survived an electric shock, but still he smiles and mutters the words. It means he isn’t just after your looks, but is pursuing something more beautiful and worth within you

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6. You can do ‘silly’ stuff in front of him without feeling embarrassed.

Your confidence together has grown. So you won’t mind crying or just exposing your wild personality when in his company.

7. He does little chivalrous things for you.

If he still open doors for you, or help you cook sometimes, he is simply with you for every good reason. For him, he doesn’t force himself to do these things, he is in the habit of being the gentleman.

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