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How to date born-again girl when you are not so saved yourself

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Dating a saved girl when you are not so saved yourself

A woman who is saved and genuinely committed to serving the Lord is one every man wishes raised his kids. The pay-off for the hard work needed to date and wife her is worth all the pain, if she does not fall by wayside in the course of your dating.

Every man wants a woman who will stay at home, be a home maker. Raise the children uprightly, even as the man drinks his life away at the bar. Lately, there have been allegations that saved women are the worst, partly because they pretend a lot and partly some say, most of them are there as the last solace to find men after their life in the fast lane in the early 20s.

As it stands, there are more women in churches than there are men. That means, occasionally a saved woman might be attracted to a man who is not saved.

A man with heretical religious views that can be offensive to the saved woman. But sometimes biological attraction precede other personal, religious and temperamental considerations.

But dating a saved woman can be too much hard work. Often, they want to change you. And there is no bigger disaster in life than a woman trying to change a man. The success rate is less than 10 per cent.

Men are hard-wired to resist any attempts by a woman to change them. She will try to force you to go to church, attend boring wedding committees and other church related gigs that can suck life out of you permanently.

Since most men date saved women with the forlorn hope of marrying them, you have to endure her lifestyle choices. Most saved women are driven nuts by the smell of alcohol. Neither can they stand the smell of cigarettes. Thus you have to abstain from these vices, if you partake in them. At least around her. While this greatly harbours well for your health, sometimes the saved woman can be a tad too particular about their expectations.

Saved women are stickler to the right way of doing things. They will insist that you meet the parents, meet their friends and occasionally, they may ask you to meet their pastor in the formative stages of dating. For a man who is not fully committed to church matters, this is normally a big ask.

Another thing to expect from a seriously saved woman is the rationing of sex. Some saved women have completely abstained from sex, that means you will not get to test your spanner in their socket of life for compatibility and you have to wait until you wife her. And this is normally a source of too much strain in such relationships.

Normally the man will be patient to a point. Mostly, they run a way. And this can leave the woman hating herself. Sometimes they end up doing silly things, when they feel let down by their man and God. Given the choice of submitting to the boyfriend’s will and God’s will, of course, I will urge them to turn to God. It is the biggest test of character.

By all means, saved women are the best to date. But the hurdles you will encounter are many. And sometimes, it is too much work with no corresponding rewards. Bear in mind, that she may waste your three years. Tread carefully.


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