Evewoman : Easy as ABC... The A-Z of superfoods to help you slim


Easy as ABC... The A-Z of superfoods to help you slim


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Superfoods to help you slim
Superfoods to help you slim

A is for apple.. which ­contains slow-acting sugars to keep you fuller longer.

B is for blueberries.. rich in healthy compounds – said to help prevent obesity.

C is for carrots.. Natural sugars make them sweet. Cook whole before chopping.

D is for damsons.. Ripe in late summer, these lower blood cholesterol levels.

E is for eggplant.. Or aubergines, they contain dietary fibre, helping digestion.

F is for figs.. which are high in cholesterol-lowering pectin and a source of calcium.

G is for grapes.. said to do wonders for high blood pressure and cholesterol.

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H is for Hubbard squash.. great for healthy skin and good immunity.

I is for iceberg lettuce.. its high water content makes it low in energy density.

J is for jalapeno peppers.. Nutritious and spicy, they give zing to recipes.

K is for kiwi.. Virtually fat-free and even richer in vitamin C than oranges.

L is for leek.. The Ancient Greeks and Romans said leeks were therapeutic.

M is for melon.. which contains an enzyme, which is believed to reduce stress.

N is for nectarines.. One large nectarine provides your whole day’s vitamin C.

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O is for onions.. Experts say just two or three a week can help our health.

P is for peppers.. with three times the vitamin C of citrus fruits.

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Q is for quince.. This fruit has been around since the Middle Ages.

R is for raspberries.. Ripe from June to July, then again in September.

S is for strawberries.. Absolutely jam-packed with vitamin C. '

T is for tomatoes.. The red colour comes from super healthy antioxidant lycopene.

U is for ugli fruit.. Exotic hybrid of grapefruit, orange and tangerine.

V is for vine leaves.. Fantastic source of iron to boost your energy levels.

W is for watercress.. High in B vitamins to improve mental function.

X is for Xigua (watermelon).. Refreshing on a summer’s day.

Y is for yellow plums.. All types of plums are all packed with goodness.

Z is for zucchini.. Or courgettes, they’re 90% water and low in calories.

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