Evewoman : He took me and my daughter in, now he's changed

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He took me and my daughter in, now he's changed

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I am 28, and for five months, my six-year-old daughter and I have been living with a man who is 31. He is not her biological father and we come from different communities. We recently had a fight and in the process, he said that I am too old for him and that my child is too old. I realised that he may be having issues with the fact that I have a child from another man and he was just waiting for a chance to vent it out. I was so hurt by this and suggested that we separate, but he is now really begging me not to leave. He has since apologised, but I am confused, don’t know what to do. Please advise me.


Helen, that man is only pretending to love you but in the real sense he does not. When he fell in love with you, he knew you had a child, how come he does not want her now? If he cannot accept that girl, just leave and let him be. You will find a man who will love both of you with no conditions.
{Shalon Omenyo}

If he said those words to you then it seems he is not comfortable with your daughter. Think about her as well and do what is right for her as well. She should be your first priority not him. I wish you well.
{Rosy Sagaga}

When people are angry, they say some things that they come to regret later on. This does not mean that whenever we are angry, we get out of our senses rather that we can lose control. Since he may not have meant those things, I suggest that you forgive him. By apologising, he showed that he is remorseful. Also by having accepted to co-habit with you it means that he loves you. Quarrels will always be there in every relationship so take heart. He should also know that by now the child is legally under his custody and the law protects that child and considers the child as his.
{Ouma Ragumo - Sifuyo}

The writing is on the wall - your husband for five months has already spoken his mind. He told you that you and your daughter are too old for him and to me he has no interest in you any more. He may even end up molesting your daughter. Get an alternative man for your future because he is only wasting your time and your life.
{Onyango Outha – Jauduny}

Helen the baby is not the issue here. It seems you are venting all your love on your daughter forgetting about your man. Always remember they are both big parts of your life and they deserve equal attention.
{Wekesa Elius}

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There must be something you did for him to decide to say such words to you. To avoid such situations change the way you handle him in that home. Give him all he love and care he deserves and you will see a big change in your life.
{Johnny McOdongo}

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