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Carol Radull: 'I am no damsel in distress'

What type of car do you drive?

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A grey Volkswagen Bora.

What nickname have you christened it?

Crystal. My previous car — a charade — was so delicate that it moved by God’s grace.

What modifications have you made to your ride to give it a personal touch?

My husband installed shocks that he claims will last 20 years, especially on the bad Kenyan roads.

What girly stuff do you carry in your car?

I always carry CDs that I barely listen to. I also have jackets, a raincoat and an umbrella because I fear catching a cold. 

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What do you love most about your car?

The fact that it is comfortable and can move me from point A to B.

Which animal are you on the road? A cheetah or a tortoise?

A cheetah. I love speed. For this reason, when going to work I use routes that do not have heavy traffic.

What is your dream car?

A Mercedes four-wheel drive. However, before I get one, I have to plant about 100 trees to compensate for the immense environmental damage and pollution, through gas emission that it will cause.

If you were stranded on a highway with a flat tyre, what would you do to get help?

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I would change it all by myself. I refuse to be a damsel in distress, especially given the car lessons taught to me ages ago by my father.

What is your take on sirens on VIP cars?

Sirens irritate me. I believe they should be reserved for emergency situations. A VIP being caught in traffic is no emergency.

What do you do to kill time while in traffic?

If the traffic is heavy and not moving at all, I play candy crash. If moving slowly, I listen to loud music.

What song do you get carried away listening to in your car?

Any song from the 80s or 90s, as long as I know all the lyrics.

What habit would you not tolerate from people you carry in your car?

Throwing stuff through the window. This is especially because I have a habit of taking photos of other motorists who do so and shaming them on social media.

What advice would you give a lady who wants to buy a car?

Buy a car for yourself and not to show off to people. Get a simple car that serves your needs and is comfortable. Learn the basics about cars before you acquire one.

What is the worst driving experience you have had?

Once while driving in Isinya, I drove through a narrow path that had trees on both sides that scratched the paint off my car. Thank God it was nothing that a good wax would not repair.

Approximately how much do you spend on fuel in a month?

Sh5,000 a month will get me to and from work, if I do not go anywhere else. Otherwise the cost varies.



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